Hi, I'm Kerry

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Just a little about me

Hi! I’m Kerry. My business’ brand is represented by the Alchemist and also influenced by the Seeker. Most of my clients are looking for help in transforming their business – a bit of technology & design alchemy to turn their efforts into amazing success. I believe that a professionally designed website along with authentic branding can “magically” make that success a reality.
Personally, I am also the Creator archetype. As a designer, the Creator influences what I do and how I approach the actual work I create for my clients. But it’s not how I show up online IN my business.
If like me, you’re into digging deep and learning more about yourself… I’m an ENFP (Myer’s Briggs) and Enneagram 4 (social) with a 3 wing. In the world of Human Design, I am an Emotional Generator. And in old-school astrology, I am a Leo. In the world of the Gallop Strength tests, my top five strengths are Restorative, Adaptability, Strategic, Activator, and Ideation.

I am married and live in Wilmington Delaware with my husband and dog. I collect crystals, love to cook and eat about 50% vegan. I’m passionately trying to whittle more time into my life so I can pursue some much neglected hobbies like gardening and art.

Are you ready

to work with a professional to build a dynamic & authentic online presence for your business?

My business is a lot like yours

My core values

I love visual design.

I love to make beautiful things that function beautifully. I come from an art and design background; the technology stuff came much later. Consequently everything I create has a keen artistic eye applied. I use my visual strengths to design websites my clients can be proud of with a well-defined visual aesthetic.

I believe in the magic & power of an amazing website.

A great website can be the most important asset for your business. If done well, it is always working for you and has the potential to be your business’ welcome wagon, concierge, librarian, historian, cheerleader, and sales person all rolled into one.

I'm collaborative.

I enjoy working closely with my clients to solve problems and come up with ideas. I don't want to be your guru or your employee. I do my best work when I can be inspiring to AND inspired by those I work with.

I'm casual but also professional.

I am ready to make a friend or friendly acquaintance with most people I meet. My approach to working with clients is not formal or businesslike. However, my primary goal is to see you succeed. I have the technology, design and training chops to work with small business owners to help them create and grow a successful online presence. But ultimately, I just want to do what I can to help your business grow and succeed.

Technology + design skills

Graphic Design
27 Years
Web Design & Development
20 Years
15 Years
26 Years

My promise to you

01 / Design for Creative Souls
I will help you intentionally & effectively tell your brand's story online.​
02 / Design for Creative Souls
I will help support you in creating an authentic & cohesive online presence.​
03 / Design for Creative Souls
I will work with you in collaboration & communicate with you truthfully.
04 / Design for Creative Souls
I will whole-heartedly commit to helping your business succeed.
05 / Design for Creative Souls
I will transform your branding with beautiful & professional high-end design.

Let's create a little magic

and build a brand & online presence that can help your business shine authentically online

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