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Charlotte Design Template

Charlotte is a classic and sophisticated design template created for coaches, consultants and any service-based business that wants to showcase their different services.

The demo was created for a wellness coach, but the design template will be customized specifically for your business and your brand, using your content and visual branding.

The Charlotte Design Template is perfect for you if...

What is included?
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Built on WordPress (for easy content updates)
  • Up to 12 pages
  • Integrated blog
  • Contact & opt-in forms
  • MailerLite setup
  • Social media integration
  • Training
  • 2 weeks of email support for bug & simple content fixes
Investment: $2100 Delivery: 2 weeks
Website Design Template : Design for Creative Souls

How does it work?

The “Get Started” Website

num2 / Design for Creative Souls

Book a 30-minute strategy call to get started. We'll chat about the goals for your website and business. Afterwards, I’ll send a proposal and invoice. If you like what you see, sign it and pay the deposit.

num3 / Design for Creative Souls

Create & gather the content for your site. I'll provide resources to help. When you're done, schedule your website design week.

num4 / Design for Creative Souls

Your website will be built in 2 weeks! During week 1 I'll build your website starting with the design template & customize it using your branding and content.

num5 / Design for Creative Souls

Week 2: your new site is published to your domain and it goes LIVE.

num6 / Design for Creative Souls

I'll provide training and access to ongoing support via a free Facebook group. Then it's time to CELEBRATE and promote your new site!

What to do next?

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The “Get Started” Website

No more DIY or website builders

You'll get One-on-One Support From a Professional Designer

In 2-3 weeks, you’ll receive a beautiful and professionally designed website created specifically for your business and brand.
Choose between: Branding Only, Website Only or  Branding + Website.

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