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You have a new business website!

But if you’re thinking it’s okay to just move on because it’s done, hold on a second. That’s not the best way to treat one of the most valuable assets you own for your business. A website is never done. You can’t just “set it and forget it” and expect your investment to adequately support your business. You have to see it as a living-breathing entity that needs continual care and feeding.

How do you CARE for your website?
  • Purchase web hosting from a reputable host provider.
  • Add an SSL certificate for security and SEO.
  •  Vet every plugin you install.
  • Keep the WordPress core, theme and plugins updated.
  • Backup the WordPress database and all files every day.
  • Monitor your website’s uptime 24/7.
  • Optimize your website’s speed and performance by using a CDN (content delivery network) or caching plugin.
  • Save images for viewing on the web.
  • Periodically review your site for broken links, and
  • Verify everything displays as intended on every device.
How do you CARE for your website?
  • Develop an authentic and purposeful brand, and apply consistent visual branding throughout your website.
  • Write for the web and the way people read online.
  • But also write as though speaking to your ideal client, while being mindful of on-page SEO.
  • Post shareable images on each blog post and page.
  • Publish new content on a regular basis that is written specifically for your ideal client. The most effective way to do this is via an integrated blog on your website.

Do it yourself or...

hire me to do it for you

If you want to keep your website healthy and supporting your business, you’ll either need to do the tasks listed above yourself, or hire someone like me to them for you. If the idea of learning how to tackle all the items on those lists seems overwhelming, I get it! If you’d prefer someone to do the work for you so you can focus on your clients and your business, then I can do the work for you.

I have two monthly care plans to choose from. The Basic Care Plan will update and monitor your site on a monthly basis, and backup your website every day. The Professional Care Plan monitors and maintains your website, and provides 2 hours of support to use however you see fit. Your 2 hours of monthly support can be used for content updates, bug fixes, training, research, and more. 

The Basic Care Plan

$45/per month

  • Updates to WordPress, plugins and  theme
  • Daily backups of files & database
  • Daily website uptime monitoring
  • Daily malware scanning
  • Monthly report
  • No contract to sign; you can cancel any time.
The Pro Care Plan

$150/per month

  • Updates to WordPress, plugins and theme
  • Daily backups of  files & database
  • Daily website uptime monitoring
  • Daily malware scanning
  • Monthly report
  • Quarterly site review of every page 
  • 2 hours support for content & design updates, bug fixes, training, etc.
  • No contract to sign; you can cancel any time.
  1. All websites are vulnerable and I can not guarantee yours will never be hacked or crash. But one of the main benefits to purchasing a care plan is to help mitigate the chances of a website hack or crash, and quickly have the means to restore your site should the worse happen.
  2. Using the Stripe payment gateway, your credit card is automatically debited each month prior to your service. To cancel your care plan, simply cancel your Stripe automatic payment. Your next month’s care plan will be terminated and you will no longer be charged.
  3. Every 3 months, I’ll check your website for dead links. I’ll fix the ones I can and inform you of the one’s that need content edits or deletions. I will also verify your site is functioning and displays as intended.
  4. You can use your 2 hours of support however you choose, and use the time in different ways each month. Unused time does not rollover to the next month.

Website Care Plans

Easily Keep your website safe and secure

Let me do the tech and design work for you, so you can focus on growing your business. Sign up for a Website Care Plan. No contract to sign. Cancel any time.

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