What is a Brand Personality & Why It’s Important For Your Business

What is a brand personality and why is it important for your business?

In a previous post I talked a little about the differences between a brand, branding, and brand identity, and how they are related to one another. In that post, I briefly talked about one part of a brand identity –  brand personality. So, what is a brand personality?

Brand Personality

When we talk about brand personality, you are giving your business/brand a set of human characteristics. It’s a succinct way of increasing the likelihood your potential clients will relate to and perceive your brand the way you’ve defined.

Defining and creating a brand personality is important in order to create a cohesive, coherent, clear and authentic brand identity. Your brand personality helps to refine your visual branding and brand’s voice, and it helps you refine the experience you want your clients to have when they engage with you and your brand.

It’s how you can define the way your audience feels about the experience of working with you. It can help manage the experience of visitors to your website and blog. Your ideal client’s perceptions and reactions to your business, services and products is fine-tuned through your brand’s personality.

For example, do you relate to your clients formally and traditionally, or more in a more approachable and casual manner? Is your brand more about being helpful and caring, or more creative and innovative? It’s not to say these characteristics are mutually exclusive. But you can’t be all things to all people. Consequently, it’s best to focus on the brand personality your ideal client will attracted to.

Why is Brand Personality Important For Your Business?

If done well (and consciously) a brand will be very focused and plant their flag firmly into the arena of ONE brand personality, that is maybe flavored by another brand personality.

Very few small businesses pay attention to the branding, much less their brand personality. Consequently the message, personality and experience they are presenting is unfocused and a mish-mosh of MANY personality traits. Their message is usually muddled, vague and/or watered down.

Your goal is attract the small group of potential clients out there that will make your heart sing and who can best benefit by working with you. To do that, you need to clearly define to the world what your brand is and what you stand for.

Define your brand personality’s characteristics. Use these characteristics to refine your visual branding and brand’s voice. These steps will help you attract your ideal clients and repel or be ignored by those who are not your ideal client. The concept of a brand personality simply provides a framework from which to work to make your message as clear, concise, dynamic and powerful as possible everywhere your brand shows up, online and off.

Take a look at the 12 brand personalities to see how you can incorporate your primary brand archetype to create a dynamic and authentic online presence.

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